Stunning Stains for Log Homes and Cabins

Our stain treatments are a great stylish option for any log home. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for our ability to revitalize a home’s exterior with our design expertise and our excellent finishes. Whether you’re looking for rustic charm or modern luxury, you can count on us to transform the look of your exterior into something awe-inspiring.

In order to meet the needs and wants of our diverse clientele, we carry a range of color and style options for our staining services. To see what we can do for you, contact us today.

Local Log Home Staining Done Right

Maximum Protection, Minimum Expense

Our stains offer maximum curb appeal, and maximum protection. Our staining process ensures that every corner of your surface area is properly treated, stained and sealed so that no part of your wood must experience the blunt force of adverse weather conditions. What’s more, we exclusively use premium-quality products that are designed to resist weathering and protect your home for as long as possible.

Our Log Home Staining Process

  1. Assessment — We first inspect the condition of your exterior to develop an overall plan. We’ll also offer you a selection of premium-quality stain finishes for you to choose from.
  2. Deep Clean Treatment — We pressure wash your home to remove all grime and any old stain. Our prep work helps open up the pores of the wood exterior, allowing our stains to better penetrate the surface of your home.
  3. First Application — We apply a heavy layer of initial stain to ensure that the product penetrates every nook and cranny of your exterior. We’ll then back-brush the first layer, which ensures that the wood is completely coated and protected.
  1. Caulking — After the first coat has dried, we inspect your exterior for any checks and cracks that may need caulking to prevent water absorption. Our sealing process is effective and non-obtrusive. It provides maximum protection without detracting from the beautiful look of your home.
  2. Additional Coats of Stain — Typically, we apply additional coats of stain as necessary, waiting for each coat to dry before applying the next. We’ll then apply a final clear coat as a sealant. If necessary, we’ll also chink the joints of your home to minimize the possible effects of weathering.

We’re proud to offer our services at an extremely competitive price point. Our customers are continually wowed by the incredible value of our services. We know you will be too.

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We’re confident that we perform the best log home staining in the area. Our services combine years of experience, quality workmanship, and affordable prices. With us, you know you’ll see the most bang for your buck.

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